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4 Reasons Distribution Centres Need Two Way Radios

4 Reasons Distribution Centres Need Two Way Radios

4 Reasons Distribution Centres Need Two Way Radios

Life at a distribution centre is typically hectic, fast-paced, and incredibly busy. Therefore, it is imperative for distribution centres to have seamless and uninterrupted communication. Two-way radios are the perfect solution for companies experiencing communication issues. To help you decide which mode of communication is right for your company, consider these 4 key capabilities of 2-way radios:

Seamless Communication Between Multiple Team Members

Two-way radios provide seamless communication between team members and allow you to communicate with multiple team members at once. Cell phones are necessary and can be useful in relaying information to a single person; however, when you need to contact a whole department at your distribution centre, a single phone call just won’t cut it.

Dedicated Signal

The machinery and equipment used at your distribution centre may, unfortunately, interrupt cell phone signal and reception. Even if you can connect a call, you may be unable to keep that signal. Phone calls may drop suddenly or sound choppy. Inclement weather such as intense rainstorms or snowstorms may also impede communication services. Two-way radios do not rely on cell towers for communication, which makes them more trustworthy and reliable in situations when you need them the most.

Better Battery Life

Ubiquitous communication is what creates a smooth workflow and ensures every team member is performing their duties to the best of their abilities. There is nothing more detrimental to your distribution centre than dead cell phone batteries. Cell phones are complex devices that are typically designed to perform more than one job; when processing power is used on different functions, the battery will drain much faster. Two-way radios are manufactured to last several hours, and should they ever need to be replaced, they are inexpensive and easily changeable.

Newer Technological Abilities Which Promote Accessibility and Safety

Two-way radio technology is quickly advancing, which is fortunate as corporations all over the world are beginning to demand more and more output from distribution centres. For example, some two-way radios (or two-way walkies) now include GPS tracking allowing team leaders to physically locate their team members if they are unable to respond to calls. The GPS location services provided in two-way radios also promote increased safety for leaders and members as they will know where all team members are at any given time; should an accident suddenly occur within the distribution centre, help can be dispatched immediately.

Two-way radios are a great fit for distribution centres, warehouses, factories, public event planners, schools and restaurants. For more information about which two-way radios would best fit your company needs, contact Allcan Distributors today for professional recommendations.

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