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Service Tools for Two Way Radios

Service Tools for Two Way Radios When it comes to two-way radio shops there are numerous tools available that can help enhance customer service. These tools give the ability to test and trouble shoot radio equipment (both for end-user gear and infrastructure equipment), and design two-way radio systems for optimum performance and reliability. The application of these tools enhances dealer credibility, and ultimately, customer confidence. Examples of Service Tools include: Spectrum Analyzer RF spectrum analyzers are test instruments used to look at signals in the frequency [...]

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How to Keep Your Communication Devices and Accessories Clean During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How to Keep Your Communication Devices and Accessories Clean During the COVID-19 Pandemic As the Coronavirus Pandemic continues across Canada, properly disinfecting your devices is critical to slowing the spread of the infection.Often times, the people utilizing two-way radios, PTTOC devices, and various accessories are on the front lines defending against the Pandemic. Individuals working in Healthcare, retail, transportation, and emergency response all play a significant role in combatting COVID-19.In order to lower the risks of spreading the infection, we recommend users consider cleaning their devices and accessories often: these devices and accessories are used in close [...]

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Introduction to DMR

Let me introduce you to DMR  Digital Mobile Radio, often referred to as DMR an international digital radio standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). What makes DMR stand out from some of the other digital modes is that it utilizes TDMA (Time-Division Multiple Access) to divide a single frequency into 2 distinct “channels” or time slots. By doing this, you can have two conversations going on at the SAME TIME, using one frequency. Advantages of DMR Doubling of capacity in [...]

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White Paper: The Lightning “Event”

How Lightning Events Interfere With Communications What is a Lightning Event? A lightning "event" is an occasion where lightning affects communications equipment, either through a direct strike to the equipment, or as a side effect of an indirect strike. They can cause significant (and sometimes irreparable damage) to towers, antennas, and other equipment, which results in costly replacements and downtime. Why Tower Sites Are Damaged In a Lightning Event When it comes to communications equipment, tower sites are struck by lightning more often than any other site. [...]

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DAS 101

What is a DAS System?  The acronym DAS stands for Distributed Antenna System, a network used to supply RF Signal (Cellular and two-way radio for Public Safety) in large buildings like schools, campuses, offices, convention centres, stadiums and arenas, underground parking garages and transit tunnels. DAS is an essential system since the construction of these structures involves materials like drywall, concrete, and in some cases tinted windows- all which can prevent the RF signal from penetrating the framework. DAS system is also important as the RF signal can also be affected by different seasons; during spring the [...]

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Zumlink Product Feature

Why choose the FreeWave ZumLlink 900 Series Ethernet Radio? A pioneer in the industry, FreeWave has created yet another first with the unveiling of the FreeWave Zumlink 900 Series Ethernet Radio. This radio is the latest product in data radios that offers more flexibility, increased throughput, and a lower rate of power consumption. FreeWave has created the Industry's only unprogrammable radio with the only Class 1, Div 2 enclosed / board level radio option. This cost effective, high speed, rugged communication platform is specifically designed for embedded applications and is reliable under extreme environmental conditions making [...]

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