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Zumlink Product Feature

Why choose the FreeWave ZumLlink 900 Series Ethernet Radio?

A pioneer in the industry, FreeWave has created yet another first with the unveiling of the FreeWave Zumlink 900 Series Ethernet Radio. This radio is the latest product in data radios that offers more flexibility, increased throughput, and a lower rate of power consumption. FreeWave has created the Industry’s only unprogrammable radio with the only Class 1, Div 2 enclosed / board level radio option. This cost effective, high speed, rugged communication platform is specifically designed for embedded applications and is reliable under extreme environmental conditions making it ideal in any industrial application that needs extremely reliable communications.

ZumLink SCADA Radio 902-928 MHz
MSRP: $2,170.00


Product Features:

  • Operates in an unlicensed 900MHz frequency band
  • Hits a range up to 60 miles on a clear line of sight
  • Has throughputs from 80kbs to 4 Mbs
  • Secure, offering a 128-bit and 256-bit AES encryption
  • Offers flexible user configuration along with acceptance of 3rd party applications
  • Contains 3 RJ45 network data connectors (1 ethernet and 2 serial)
  • Consumes power at a reduced rate: 270Ma @12v-Tx,100mA @12v-Rx

ZumIQ App Server Software

  • Allows enterprise level control for small and medium sized companies on process control, monitoring and automation applications without heavy capital and operating expenditures
  • Host third party apps for intelligent control and automation of remote sensors and devices
  • Uses IBM developed Node-RED intuitive programming tool to connect hardware devices, APIs and online services within the Industrial IoT
  • Specifically designed for experts and novices alike in the developer’s environment without any programming experience required
  • ZumIQ allows smaller to medium sized enterprises to develop new industrial apps to solve problems that cannot be done easily or cost effectively on RTUs, PLCs or Gateways
  • Users literally have a powerful mini-computer at their fingertips to create enterprise level solutions and apps for the automation processes and control data flow within their network
  • Developers can program with Python, Java,C++, Node-RED and Node.js but it cp, the ZumIQ App Server comes pre-loaded with Node-RED,Python and MQTT for easy industrial IoT app development on multiple ZumLink 900 Series radio models

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